M&A - Mergers & Acquisitions

Being financial advisor, Hybris Corporate Finance deals with merge, acquisition, conveyance and profit sharing, providing support for companies, their shareholders, managers and institutional investors in the following activities:

  • analysis of strategic objectives aiming at the settlement of operations, considering and evaluating the most favourable conditions;
  • selection and analysis of potential acquisitions as well as establishment of relations with industrial and financial partners;
  • evaluation of companies and their related divisions (brands, company division, etc.);
  • support in each operational stage (negotiation and financial phases, coordination of tax and legal issues);
  • assistance in defining the funding stage of each operation.

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Debt Advisory

To support companies and institutional investors in identifying the most appropriate balance sheet and financial structure, Hybris Corporate Finance offers consultancy in the structuring, organization and syndication of loans, both short and medium/long term, aimed at development and growth of the company, to be carried out also through acquisitions of other companies.

Furthermore, through the collection of new debt capital, rescheduling and renegotiation of existing debt exposure, Hybris Corporate Finance supports its clients in defining and implementing operations aimed at restoring balanced and sustainable financial situations.

The business of Hybris Corporate Finance covers the following areas:

  • Common Finance: retrieval of medium-long term funding sources and support for working capital, through the traditional banking system;
  • Structured Finance: acquisition and leverage finance, definition of structured transactions to support company growth, redefinition of bank debt through pool / club deals;
  • Subsidized Finance: obtaining grants, subsidized loans and tax incentives (national and European tenders).

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IPO Consulting

Hybris Corporate Finance supports shareholders in defining the IPO's general strategy, establishing the operation's rationale and the appropriate perimeter, and evaluating the potential value for the company, potential investors, and existing shareholders. 

  • HCF performs a thorough assessment of the client company, identifying any gaps and providing assistance to resolve them quickly and efficiently before the IPO. HCF then begins each consulting project with a deep dive into the client company. Subsequently, it carefully evaluates the IPO process to determine if an initial public offering is indeed the best choice. The goal is to create a compelling equity story for the IPO, presenting a clear value creation strategy through a combination of growth levers, cost optimization, and cash flow improvement, maximizing the client company's chances of achieving its funding objectives. 
  • HCF supports its clients in developing a clear, detailed, and defensible business plan in the eyes of investors, which supports the value creation narrative. A well-founded and sufficiently ambitious plan, supported by clear key performance indicators (KPIs), provides a solid foundation for guidance and communication with investors and analysts. 
  • HCF assists the client company in managing all complexities that may arise among the various stakeholders involved in the IPO process, from the markets and existing shareholders to employees and consultants. Although it is possible to complete an IPO in just six months, a more realistic timeframe to ensure that the company is adequately prepared for its life as a publicly listed entity is 12/18 months. 
  • HCF's systematic and proven approach to IPO preparation encourages corporate management to adopt the investors' perspective.

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Startup Mentoring

Hybris Corporate Finance is able to assist startup companies and aspiring entrepreneurs from the embryonic development of the business idea to the definition of fundraising methods.

The main services offered by the Network are summarized as follows:

  • assistance in defining the business idea, identifying the strengths and evaluating the best implementation scenarios;
  • carrying out feasibility studies, including market analysis and detailed description of the business idea, instrumental both to provide shareholders with all the information tools necessary for its implementation and to present the project to third parties;
  • drafting of long-term business plans, which highlight the prospective economic performance of the startup company;
  • assistance in the optimal definition of the Debt / Equity structure of the startup company, identifying and selecting any financial and / or industrial partners interested in investing in the project;
  • identification of possible recourse to facilitations for the investment, including both non-repayable grants and subsidized loans and / or guarantee accounts.

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Management Consulting

Hybris Corporate Finance leads companies in a path of growth aimed at tangible and lasting increase in profits. The contribution of Hybris includes method and specialized skills, as well as a boosting action on decision-making processes and project implementation. The Network involves the entire corporate structure in the development and success of its interventions.

Hybris has developed winning strategies by interpreting the changes with determination and common sense, in order to create value by strengthening the client's competitive position. The Network’s strategic, functional and technological skills, combined with multi-industry knowledge, allow Hybris to support companies in managing change. The objective is to support clients along these paths with an authentic partnership approach, aimed at achieving concrete and measurable results.

Hybris support consists of:

  • participation in strategic decisions based on an external and independent perspective;
  • mentoring, to help management face the challenges of change and growth;
  • definition of organization, governance and processes adapted to the new opportunities and objectives;
  • accompany the change of culture and mentality necessary for new businesses.

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Club Deals

Hybris Corporate Finance acts as a global coordinator in the organization of Club Deals, investment groups that operates in order to support the development and internationalization of target companies.

The Network counts among its members numerous business angels and family offices, and is therefore able to structure Club Deal operations (i) by selecting potential targets; (ii) subjecting the selected targets to a list of potentially interested investors within Hybris’ network; (iii) creating an ad hoc vehicle for the transaction and (iv) managing all operational and legal aspects of the investment.

The Club Deal represents a more flexible tool for investors than the traditional subscription of a private equity fund as:

  • it is possible to decide whether to participate in the individual operations identified by the Network;
  • it allows to invest even with less significant equity contributions;
  • by syndicating the equity ownership among a group of investors, each reduces its concentration and is thus able to maintain the diversification of its portfolio;
  • an exit date is not explicitly provided, which can therefore occur at the best time to seize the opportunities offered by the market.

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International Expansion

Hybris Corporate Finance provides assistance aimed at the internationalization of Italian companies in the Middle and Far East through its hub in Dubai (UAE) and its partnership with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE.

Our assistance is aimed at supporting Italian companies wishing to expand their business in the United Arab Emirates, structuring the internationalization process to seize business opportunities in the region.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE can provide information and support for Italian companies wishing to enter the UAE market, including information on trade agreements, funding opportunities, and procedures for setting up a business. In addition, it can offer consultancy services to assist companies in developing an effective expansion plan and identifying suitable business partners in the UAE.

Hybris Corporate Finance, headquartered in Dubai, offers investment and financial advisory services to help companies capitalize on business opportunities in the UAE. This may include business valuation advice, investor search, and help to negotiate commercial deals.

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Business Services

Hybris Corporate Finance operates through its partners in the areas of corporate administrative management and work consultancy.

The Network offers the following services:

  • general accounting services and periodic VAT payments;
  • administrative assistance to companies;
  • preparation of accounting and tax records;
  • drafting of annual and interim financial statements;
  • budget analysis;
  • employees training in the administration and accounting functions;
  • assistance in corporate secretarial activity (drafting of meeting minutes, drafting of rental contracts, loan contracts, etc.);
  • electronic submissions of corporate certificates;
  • registration of Italian and foreign companies;
  • monthly payroll processing.


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