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The restaurant Pashà, located in Conversano (BA), is not just a representative example of excellence in the Italian premium dining segment but a source of pride, having earned a prestigious Michelin star. 

In the challenging year of 2023, Pashà, under the management of Refrigerio SAS, faced a temporary closure due to unforeseen circumstances. This disruption significantly impacted its operations. However, the company's resilience shone through as it navigated this period by utilizing its liquidity reserves and restructuring its short-term bank lines to finance its working capital.

Hybris Corporate Finance played a strategic role in assisting Refrigerio SAS by drafting the business plan, which was instrumental in completing the transaction.

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has rescheduled short-term debt with

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Debt Advisory

  • Team - Nicolò Scoditti, Virgilio Picca

  • Industry - Food & Beverage

  • Target company - Refrigerio SAS

  • Target country - Italy

  • Acquirer company - N/A

  • Acquirer country - N/A