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Sullivan Ventures - SpaceX

Sullivan Ventures is an investment holding company specializing in early-stage startups that stand out as disruptors or enablers in their respective sectors.

SpaceX, a company based in the USA and associated with Elon Musk, operates in the design and manufacturing of reusable space launch vehicles.

The company has acquired a minority stake in SpaceX on the secondary market through a club deal carried out via a Luxembourgish-law SPV.

Hybris Corporate Finance assisted Sullivan Ventures in defining the financial aspects of the transaction.

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acquired a minority stake in

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Club Deals

  • Team - Nicolò Scoditti

  • Industry - Space Technology

  • Target company - Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

  • Target country - USA

  • Acquirer company - Sullivan Ventures S.r.l.

  • Acquirer country - Italy