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AS Bari

AS Bari was an Italian football club owned by the Matarrese family since the 70s.

In May 2010, with the team involved in the Italian Serie A championship, the entrepreneur and real estate developer Vittorio Casale expressed a preliminary interest in taking over the ownership of AS Bari.

The transaction presented by Casale to the Matarrese family included a shared property in which the Municipality of Bari, the Matarrese family and retail shareholders should have participated with minority interests.

The project then integrated a real estate development operation on the San Nicola stadium area and on the adjacent land (owned by the Matarrese family), with the renovation of the stadium and the construction of new commercial and residential areas.

HCF members held the role of advisor to the Matarrese family in the economic and feasibility assessment of this proposal.

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Evaluation of a third party's offer

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M&A - Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Team - Nicolò Scoditti, Enrico Scoditti

  • Industry - Sports & Leisure

  • Target company - Associazione Sportiva Bari

  • Target country - Italy

  • Acquirer company - Private Investors

  • Acquirer country - Italy