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Aulab is a Coding Factory dedicated to the world of programming. The company is active in the training of Full Stack Developers through a 3-month coding bootcamp that takes place both in the classroom and online via an e-learning platform.

Despite the difficulties resulting from the Covid-19 emergency, Aulab closed its second investment round thanks to the venture capital fund SocialFare Seed and to Manilo Morocco (MM Partecipazioni SRL), investment banker formerly Independent Director of Fastweb and currently a member of the board of Tiscali .
SocialFare Seed and MM Partecipazioni SRL, which had already participated in the first round of fundraising of Aulab, thus bring the total amount of equity invested in the company to a total of € 400k. The post-money evaluation of Aulab which closed the transaction is equal to Euro 2.7 million (+ 170% compared to the post-money evaluation relating to the first investment round).

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and Private Investors acquired a minority stake in

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Club Deals

  • Team - Nicolò Scoditti

  • Industry - Education

  • Target company - Aulab Srl

  • Target country - Italiy

  • Acquirer company - SocialFare Seed

  • Acquirer country - Italy