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Risanamento SpA

Risanamento SpA is a Real Estate company owned by the Zunino Group. At the end of 2002 the Company acquired a Real Estate development area called Santa Giulia, located in Milan.

Risanamento obtained the financial resources for the acquisition of this initiative also through the market, proceeding with a divisible capital increase for a maximum of EUR 250mln offered in option to the shareholders which ends with the issue of n. 160,861,032 shares (equal to 88.60% of the total shares offered) at the price of EUR 1.4 each for a value of approximately EUR 225mln.

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has succesfully completed a EUR 225mln capital increase

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Management Consulting

  • Team - Enrico Scoditti

  • Industry - Real Estate

  • Target company - Risanamento SpA

  • Target country - Italy

  • Acquirer company - N/A

  • Acquirer country - N/A